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Two local boys make relatively good trying hard to be bad cops
[A Edition]
Hartford Courant - Hartford, Conn.
Author: Johnson, Malcolm||||||Courant Film Critic
Date: May 17, 1993
Start Page: C.6
Section: CT. LIVING
Abstract (Document Summary)

In "Excessive Force," two local boys, Thomas Ian Griffith and Tony Todd, are up to no good as a pair of Chicago cops who enjoy taking the law into their own hands. About the best that can be said for this tale of variously corrupted policemen and thoroughly rotten mobsters is that Griffith exhibits a mournful Irish dash to go with his high karate kicks and that Todd shows a far different side of his acting talent than he revealed in "Candyman."

As the plot thickens, the don begins to suspect the cops of making off with his sachel stacked with greenbacks. So one by one, the cops are eliminated -- poor [Dylan] gets a baseball bat across his legs before the merciful shot in the head -- until only [Terry McCain] is left, hiding out with his former girlfriend, [Anna Gilmour], a high-fashion model exotically drawled by Charlotte Lewis.

, Directed by [Jon Hess]; screenplay by Thomas Ian Griffith; director of photography, [Donald M. Morgan]; music composed by Charles Bernstein; production designer, Michael Z. Hanan; edited by Alan Baumgarten; produced by Griffith, Erwin Stoff and Oscar L. Costo; executive producer, Michael Harpster. A New Line Cinema release, playing at Showcase Cinemas, East Hartford and Berlin. Running time: 83 minutes.

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