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Running partner gives blind Fort Collins man bright outlook
Fort Collins Coloradoan - Fort Collins, Colo.
Subjects: Running; Marathons; Blindness; Track & field; Disabled athletes
Author: Kyle, Sarah Jane
Date: Apr 5, 2012
Start Page: n/a
Section: NEWS
Abstract (Document Summary)

Within minutes of the request, he was connected to Connie DeMercurio, the special projects coordinator of Project Self Sufficiency of Larimer County - an enthusiastic marathon and running athlete. Running a 5K in his shoes Berlin and DeMercurio have a long bucket list of marathons ahead of them, including the April 16 Boston Marathon, where they will run on the Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired's "Team with a Vision."

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Full Text Full Text

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