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Oath upheld, but at what cost?
[Chicagoland Final Edition]
Chicago Tribune - Chicago, Ill.
Subjects: Political behavior; Iraq War-2003
Author: Byrne, Dennis
Date: May 7, 2007
Start Page: 21
Section: News
Abstract (Document Summary)

Was [Dick Durbin]'s statement a fabrication? The assumption seems to be that this is a story that concerns only the right wing, because Durbin's statement received prominent play from the conservative Washington Times -- described (by liberals) as an "ultraconservative" publication -- from where it was picked up by conservative bloggers. Durbin's office played on a nasty right- winger theme; the first words of its written response were: "Right- wing publications of dubious integrity -- conservative blogs such as Power Line and the ultraconservative Washington Times ... " In other words, who is saying it is more important than what is being said.

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