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Dispute taps Bell's out of the Illinois market ; Move by microbrewery spotlights distributor law
[Chicago Final Edition]
Chicago Tribune - Chicago, Ill.
Subjects: Disputes; Distributors; Beer
Author: Noel, Josh
Date: Nov 10, 2006
Start Page: 1
Section: Business
Abstract (Document Summary)

PHOTOS 3 GRAPHIC MAP; Ann Giles and Aziz Hammou drink [Larry Bell]'s beers at Sheffield's bar in Chicago. Bell's no longer will distribute its beers in Illinois. Bell's Brewery sells 20 varieties of beers and ales, many available on a seasonal basis. Bell's Brewery founder Larry Bell, a Park Forest native, began making beer in 1985. In 2005 the company sold 57,000 barrels. Photo for the Tribune by Adam Bird/AP. GRAPHIC/ MAP: Last call for Bell's Due to a dispute with its distributor, Michigan-based Bell's Brewery no longer will be shipping its beers to Illinois, one of the company's top markets. 2005 sales: $12 million Most popular beers (in order): Oberon Ale, Amber Ale, Two Hearted Ale, Pale Ale Employees: 74 Top markets for beer (based on sales): Metro Detroit, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Illinois (majority of which is metro Chicago), Indiana Bell's Brewery Inc. - Comstock (Michigan) States where Bell's distributes beer (see map)

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