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Obama finding himself flush with media attention
[Chicago Final Edition]
Chicago Tribune - Chicago, Ill.
Subjects: Political campaigns; Speakers; Presidential elections; Political conventions
Author: David Mendell, Tribune staff reporter Tribune political reporter Rick Pearson contributed
Date: Jul 28, 2004
Start Page: 20
Section: News
Abstract (Document Summary)

In the hours leading up to his speech, Obama was the convention's hottest political celebrity, with a horde of reporters and photographers, sometimes more than a dozen deep, following his every move. Autograph hounds handed him everything from baseball caps to bumper stickers to sign. Reporters shoved microphones in his face. Photographers clicked away at Obama, dressed nattily in one of his four dark blue suits, a light blue shirt and a blue-gray striped tie. Even his restroom visits were documented, at least up until he closed the door.

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