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Shoghaken shines light on Armenia
[Chicagoland Final , CN Edition]
Chicago Tribune - Chicago, Ill.
Subjects: Folk music; Musical performances -- Shoghaken Ensemble
Author: Cohen, Aaron
Date: Apr 19, 2004
Start Page: 6
Section: Tempo
Abstract (Document Summary)

Along with giving Chicagoans a chance to see an expertly played duduk, the concert showcased a wealth of distinctively Armenian instrumentalists. One of these musicians, Karine Hovhannisyan, played the kanon with dazzling finesse. The kanon is a zither that is traditionally the domain of Armenian women who hold the instruments on their laps. "Shalakho" featured her nimble fingers on the lead melody while [Gevorg Dabaghyan] and second duduk player Grigor Takushian's single-note drone lent a sense of background tension. Kamancha player Tigran Ambaryan showed how his instrument was a link between Middle Eastern classical strings and the violin. One of Shoghaken's most striking musicians performed on the most elemental instrument. Hasmik Harutyunyan sang centuries-old village lullabies unaccompanied. Her phrasing was sublime.

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