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Moseley-Braun gives Democrats reason for hope
[North Final Edition]
Chicago Tribune - Chicago, Ill.
Subjects: Candidates; Presidential elections; Congressional elections -- Illinois
Author: Zorn, Eric
Date: Jan 18, 2003
Start Page: 15
Section: Metro
Abstract (Document Summary)

Though she might have won a plurality in what promises to be a crowded primary field, she certainly would have been walloped in the general election. As Carol Marin pointed out in a recent Tribune op-ed essay begging [Carol Moseley-Braun] not to run, her dubious use of campaign funds and her secret trips to visit with a Nigerian dictator were among the lapses in judgment that voters will not forgive or forget. Did Moseley-Braun heed? Moseley-Braun announced that she's not running for the Senate but hinted strongly that she wants to be ...

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