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Chicago Tribune (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Chicago, Ill.
Author: Scott A Zamost and Elizabeth Snead, Ft Lauderdale, Fla , News & Sun-Sentinel
Date: Jul 2, 1987
Start Page: 9
Section: TEMPO
Abstract (Document Summary)

"Feel free to take off your clothes during any point in the evening," she told a crowd estimated at 60,000 at the Orange Bowl in Miami on Saturday. The crowd waited a mostly rainy two hours for her to appear, but no one seemed to mind.

For the most part, the premiere concert on Madonna's Who's That Girl tour was a success, an extravaganza of multiple vidoes, flashing lights and precision dancing. If the high-tech accoutrements and inferior sound system made it difficult to hear the singer, one hopes that will be refined as the tour continues across the United States. It is scheduled to come to Soldier Field on July 31.

As a dancer, Madonna is supreme on stage. Her trademark skip to a funky beat highlighted the constant acrobatics, designed by "Flashdance" choreographer Jeffrey Hornaday. One minute she was stage left, another minute stage right. She ran up a wide staircase centerstage to party with her three back-up singers, then scooted down to the stage floor, swinging her hips, accompanied by other dancers.

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Full Text Full Text

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