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Chicago Tribune (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Chicago, Ill.
Author: DeKnock, Jan
Date: Jan 24, 1986
Start Page: 50
Section: FRIDAY
Abstract (Document Summary)

The big chart news this week is on the LP list, where Barbra Streisand's "The Broadway Album" has ended the "Miami Vice" soundtrack's 11-week run as the top-selling album in America.

But though Streisand has had many Top 10 albums since then, her chart power has slipped markedly in recent years as she has struggled to keep up with rapidly changing pop tastes. (In fact, her last album, "Emotion," only got as high as No. 19, despite high-powered contributions from top songwriters and producers.)

Another major development on the album charts is the quick climb of Sade's "Promise" LP, which is now No. 5 in just its sixth week on the charts. That gives Sade its second Top 5 album in less than a year and should help the group's bid for a best new artist trophy at next month's Grammy awards.

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