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Chicago Tribune (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Chicago, Ill.
Author: Siskel, Gene
Date: Aug 20, 1985
Start Page: 2
Section: TEMPO
Abstract (Document Summary)

A cute story idea and a couple of very funny lines of dialogue are buried in "Volunteers," a '60s Peace Corps comedy that sadly doesn't have the courage to be more opinionated. Slapstick is chosen over more pointed humor at every crucial moment.

Also crippling the film are two lame performances by its leading actors, the vastly overrated Tom Hanks ("Splash," "The Man with One Red Shoe") and the consistently disappointing John Candy ("Brewster's Millions," "Summer Rental").

Hanks, the poor man's Bill Murray, plays a snotty Yale graduate who chooses to hide out in the Peace Corps in Thailand rather than face a mobster to whom he owes a $48,000 gambling debt.

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