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3-on-3 offers hot aftertaste
Chicago Tribune (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Chicago, Ill.
Author: Young, Linda
Date: Jul 4, 1990
Start Page: 3
Section: SPORTS
Abstract (Document Summary)

Walk down Columbus Drive near Grant Park this 4th of July and you're liable to wind up with a faceful of barbecue sauce or hot fudge, the spoils of Taste of Chicago.

Count 'em, 150 basketball courts, actually halfcourts, will line Columbus Drive July 27-28 for the Bulls' second annual Shoot-the-Bull Three-on-Three Roundball Classic.

"We thought if we ever got to around 1,000 entries, we'd be pretty happy," said Greg Hanrahan, Bulls director of special events. "But we got 850 the first year, so we're setting our sights aggressively. There's so much interest. I guess about 60 percent of our divisions are made up of men and women in recreational leagues, not big-time stars. We never imagined it would get this big so quickly."

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