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Pout power Fashionable lips are getting fuller now, just like Ms. Hershey's kisses.
Chicago Tribune (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Chicago, Ill.
Author: Cloud, Barbara
Date: Jan 18, 1989
Start Page: 19
Section: STYLE
Abstract (Document Summary)

Actress Barbara Hershey has made news recently with her fuller, pouty look, and her last name makes it fun to write about. Hershey kisses, you know?

Looking through fashion magazines, it's clear the pouty look is in. Calvin Klein's new signature model, Christy Turlington, is an example, as are Julie Anderson, Isabella Rosellini and Kelly LeBrock.

In the '60s, British model Jean Shrimpton's pouty look was a signature of the top model of that decade. But it isn't only the fuller lips that seem to be fascinating. It's using those lips to appear pouty-and more sensual.

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