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Michigan Routs Ohio, 58-6; Indiana, Minnesota Win
WOLVERINES TURN ON POWER BEFORE 78,634 Buckeyes Score in Final Minute A Breeze! Michigan Reaches Peak in Final; Routs Ohio, 58 to 6
Chicago Daily Tribune (1923-1963) - Chicago, Ill.
Author: Smith, Wilfred
Date: Nov 24, 1946
Start Page: A1
Pages: 2
Abstract (Document Summary)

Forty-four years ago Michigan's football men defeated Ohio State, 86 to 0. If there were any of these old bucks tottering around at Homecoming this afternoon they really piust have felt at home as the Wolverines rolled up a 58 to 6 victory with...

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Article Image (PDF) Article Image (PDF)

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