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SETS CAP FOR TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP HONORS. Four Athletes Missing from Squad. Three Veterans in Quarter Mile. Lyon a Stronger Runner. Much Expected of Steffen. Good Men in Weight Events. Many of Varsity Caliber. veterans in Baseball Squad.
Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1922) - Chicago, Ill.
Date: Dec 10, 1905
Start Page: A2
Pages: 1
Abstract (Document Summary)

iti6 dnl Z4ue% l'' Y61j100 Miftbrifil li Suiiiiid-Aboii 116116 Ilislinall licit ' Strotw .-Fonr Old .AtlhletCJU allt slt11 lb let to Il la MIdI .Itrt- In Jun11i..

In tle half mile tho Ughtbotly Is on hand. "Deerfoot " holds the con- (erence record for the 880, and Is running In better style a year ago. Ilis run- n111g mat1, Parkinson, again will be a candI- date for the . -, a member of thle cross country team, who was at Princeton last year, Is promise, and [Stagg] has hopes of making a conference of UIghtbody will run the In to the shorter event, and Slagg will have no for worry over this race. Tho champIon s running mates, " Ed- die " Atathews anId 13111y" Mathews, are eligible.

The list of tile new men Is long. Those with the best records follow: SPrilnts, Aerrill of Rrngloevood; . [Steffen] of. North Di- . De Tray, quarter mile; MNerrlam of Geneva, WIs.; pole vault, of 8hat- tuck Mlitary academy,, aind Iudolpli of Crown Pohilt,'ld.; jump1i1; Schommiler of the Centrhi Y. Al. C. A.; shotput, ICelley ar Dii QuOin, 111.; Dlagman of Laporte. Ind.; throw, Williamson of Morgan P'ark .

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Article Image (PDF) Article Image (PDF)

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