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YOUNGSTER'S GAME RUSH WINS GREAT TRIAL STAKES. Straightened for Home, Belmont's Mizzen Appears Likely to Prove Victor, but Turner Brings His Mount Along with Sensational Burst of Speed and Defeats the Favorite--Gold Heels Beats Advance Guard in Advance Stakes, Although Husted at End. Mizzen Goes Out in Front. Belmont Asks Match Race. Bullman Is Questioned. Coney Island Summaries June 28. Coney Island Entries. Denver Racing Postponed.
Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1922) - Chicago, Ill.
Author: Gallagher, T J
Date: Jun 29, 1902
Start Page: 10
Pages: 1
Abstract (Document Summary)

[Special.]--The Great Trial 4takes, net value to the winner $10,000, was the feature of today's card at Sheepshead Bay. It was won by Irish Lad. who has started three times since he was purchased by the firm of Whitney & Dur-...

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Article Image (PDF) Article Image (PDF)

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