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Yamato's Kamikaze mission: Japan's biggest banzai attack
Tempo Yamato's Kamikaze mission: Why thousands lived to die in biggest banzai attack
Chicago Tribune (1963-Current file) - Chicago, Ill.
Author: Gorner, Peter
Date: Dec 3, 1981
Start Page: E1
Pages: 2
Section: Section 4
Abstract (Document Summary)

IT TOOK BRITISH journalist Russell Spurr 34 years to finally nail down the story of the biggest Kamikaze mission of all time. He is a patient man, Russell Spurr. Short, stout, ebullient, he sports a shaggy mustache and imparts the air of a jolly walrus. But the walrus has ferocious tenacity.

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Article Image (PDF) Article Image (PDF)

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