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The swaggering wit of John Belushi
'I could always make people laugh--or frighten 'em, one or the other.' He has played everything from Beethoven to Vito Corleone. His favorite part was Capt. Kirk in a 'Star Trek' spoof. 'This film will make him a major comic personality.'
Chicago Tribune (1963-Current file) - Chicago, Ill.
Author: Clifford, Terry
Date: May 14, 1978
Start Page: H33
Pages: 6
Section: Section 9
Abstract (Document Summary)

John Belushi--Born May 28, 1940, to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Romulus in Albania. Posing as canines, the family escaped during the war to Warsaw, where John was separated from his parents and toilet-trained at gunpoint. Once again he escaped German prison camps at the age of 4, hidden in a 40-ton...

Buy Complete Document: AbstractAbstract Article Image (PDF) Article Image (PDF)

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