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Assault upon the Queen. Decadence of France. British India. Austria-The Vienna Exhibition. Life at Florence. British Army and Navy. Crime in London. Domestic Trouble. Japanese Jugglers. Cathedral of Milan. Sycophancy. A Splendid Mausoleum. European Jews. Interesting Relic. Small Pox. Chinese Cooking at Singapore. Crossing the Channel. More Tunneling. English Collieries. Textile Industry. Financial. Mont Cenis Tunnel. India. Cattle.
Publication:Boston Daily Globe (1872-1922) - Boston, Mass.
Author:Time's Changes in Italy
Date:Mar 4, 1872
 Abstract (Document Summary)

As the details are received of the late assault upon the Queen of England, the matter resolves itself into an affair of no importance whatever, and any attempt to distort the mad freak of a lunatic into an event of political importance, is an artifice too shallow to deceive the most credulous. Stripped of the...


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