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Mary Rogers Met Death With Wonderful Fortitude. Calm from First to Last. Rope Near Failed to Kill Quickly Deputies Held It Until End Had Come. 'Deputies Aided Effect of Drop. Took Death Summons Calmly. HEART TOO WEAK FOR EXECUTION. Garbed Herself for Death. GOV BELL'S STATEMENT. Last Rites Administered. Calm on Way to Scaffold. Bravery Surprised Witnesses. Again Ignored Spafford. Last Act of Tragedy. Little Morbid Interest. BODY PLACED IN VAULT. Sensational Scene at Hoosick Falls Over Arrival of Mary Rogers' Casket Avoided by Ruse. SAYS DEPUTIES BUNGLED. Attorney McCarthy States That He Hopes Fitts is Satisfied, and That Execution was Revolting. CONGRATUALTES GOV BELL. Capt Charles T. Derry of Sharon Sends Him Telegram of Commendation on His Course. MRS ROGERS' LAST LETTER. Received by Mrs. da D'Arcy of Everett, Who Had Been Corresponding with Her.
Boston Daily Globe (1872-1922) - Boston, Mass.
Date: Dec 9, 1905
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WINDSOR, Vt, Dec 8--Mary Mabel Rogers of Bennington today paid with her life the penalty demanded of her by the law of Vermont for the murder of her husband, Marcus M. Rogers, on the banks of the Waloomsac river on the...

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