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Famous Center Undergoes an Operation. He is Now in the Hospital at Hanover, N H. His Condition is Reported to be Criticial. CROTHER OPERATED UPON. Right Tackle of Holy Cross Football Team Suffers an Attack of Appendicitis. HARVARD VS YALE. Teams Will Line Up in New York Tonight for Final in Ice Hockey Championship. SUSPENDED FOR QUARTER. Fred Hall, Crack Distance Runner of University of Chicago, Charged With Cheating in Class Work. SPORTING PARK PLANNED. Newport Folk Projecting One--Auto Track Chief Feature. Howell Whist Club. Pair Match, Mystic Valley Series. FOR ROBINSON TROPHY. Boston Duplicate Whist Club Defeats Prospects Club. At the Alter Ego Club.
Boston Daily Globe (1872-1922) - Boston, Mass.
Date: Feb 27, 1904
Start Page: 8
Pages: 1
Abstract (Document Summary)

EXETER, N H, Feb 26--Henry J. Hooper, the noted center of Dartmouth's football eleven last season, on Thursday night underwent an operation for appendieitis at the Mary Hitchcock hospital in Hanover. He...

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