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Anti-Papal Movement in France. Italy. Industries in Paris. A Splendid Gift. Dinners at Pompell. Reprimand. Mangled by a Tiger. The Dutch in Japan Reform in Turkey. Louis Napoleon. Trades Unions and Strikes. Garabaldi. The German Navy. Mortarlity in London. Radical Enough. Foot and Mouth Disease. Old Clothes! Scotch Silver Mines. Locomotive Building. Contrast. Republicanism. Theatrical. Ireland. Personal. Tobacco. Musical.
Boston Daily Globe (1872-1922) - Boston, Mass.
Date: Mar 5, 1872
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The important movement of the so-called "Old Catholics" in Germany, is now followed by one in France that may attain to equal strength, and exercise a powerful influence over the destinies of the people. At various times, eminent French ecclesiastics have protested against the tyranny of the Ultramontane party...

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