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The good doctor is in, not just to the mayor, but to many women in need
[THIRD Edition]
Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.
Subjects: Physicians; Medical procedures; Publicity
Author: Dunn, Catherine
Date: Aug 10, 2003
Start Page: 1
Abstract (Document Summary)

On this particular Friday - another busy one for Bigby, with myriad meetings and a conference she's flying to in Idaho - construction rumbles outside and the weather is gloomy, all gray clouds and sputters of rainfall. But the inside of Bigby's office - her administrative one, not the one where she sees patients - feels bright and comforting, especially when she smiles. Because if there's one thing to know about Bigby, who is 52, it's that she has a face-flooding, eyes-light-up-kind-of smile.

[Paula Johnson], who met Bigby when they were students at Harvard Medical School, thinks Bigby's appearances also sent a broader message to audiences.

Those who can't get in to see Bigby should know she's still looking out for them. Through her work on the Boston Public Health Commission, which [Thomas M. Menino] appointed her to in 1996, Bigby has exerted her influence on everything from trash dump sites to body piercing and tattoo regulations to the city's smoking ban.

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