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[THIRD Edition]
Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.
Subjects: Novels; Books-titles -- Seizure
Author: Noonan, Erica
Date: Aug 20, 2003
Start Page: D.2
Section: Living
Abstract (Document Summary)

[Ashley Butler] - a politician who has made a career of obstructing cloning and stem-cell research - doesn't want ordinary red blood cells. He insists on the genetic material of [Jesus Christ] via bloodstains from the Shroud of Turin, scraps of which are made available covertly to surgical whiz [Daniel Lowell] and his beautiful assistant (and lover), Dr. Stephanie D'Agostino, through Butler's influential friends in the Catholic Church.

[Robin Cook Putnam]'s talent is in making complicated medical details and procedures easy to understand, and he makes the science in "Seizure" as digestible as an episode of "ER." But unlike his better books - "Coma" and "Sphinx" - "Seizure" fails to produce characters with any genuine emotional energy; only Butler's chief of staff, Carol Manning, fights her way out of the cliche-ridden cast of characters to reach three-dimensional status.

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