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[THIRD Edition]
Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.
Subjects: Sculpture; Professional baseball; Awards & honors
Author: MacMullan, Jackie
Date: Oct 17, 2002
Start Page: E.3
Section: Sports
Abstract (Document Summary)

[Brian Sullivan], a construction department worker with the MBTA, was stunned by [Jim Sullivan]'s considerable talent. When his brother completed his bronze sculpture, the likeness to Ruth was uncanny. Brian Sullivan enthusiastically wrote to Yankees owner George Steinbrenner; he never received a reply. For two years, he solicited corporations. No one was interested.

The Sullivan brothers decided to proceed on their own, without Major League Baseball's blessing. They began their odyssey to present the sculpture to their first winner, Mark McGwire, in 1999. After countless phone calls, faxes, entreaties, and prayers, McGwire's agent relayed the good news: his client would gladly accept the Babe Ruth Home Run Award in a pregame ceremony at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

Last August 23, Brian Sullivan and Tom Stevens, [Babe Ruth]'s grandson, flew to Pac Bell Park and participated in a pregame ceremony honoring home run champion Barry Bonds. As Sullivan cradled his brother's labor of love in his arms (it is truly the most beautiful award this scribe has ever seen), he was joined on the field by Frank Robinson, Willie Mays, and [Hank Aaron].

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