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[THIRD Edition]
Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.
Subjects: Charitable foundations; Fund raising; Terrorism; Scholarships & fellowships; Victims of crime
Author: Negri, Gloria
Date: Aug 26, 2002
Start Page: B.3
Section: Metro/Region
Abstract (Document Summary)

[Leah Quigley]'s sister, Rachel, is 6 and starting first grade next month in Wellesley, where the girls live with their mother, Patti Quigley. Mrs. Quigley's father, Brendan Fleming, is a former mayor of Lowell, and her parents still live in that 5th Congressional District city, which is served by US Representative Martin Meehan.

Captain John Ogonowski, who owned a farm in Dracut, died when American Airlines Flight 11 was flown into the towers. He left a wife, Peggy Ogonowski, 47, and three daughters, Laura, 17, Caroline, 15, and Mary-Kate, 12. They also live in Meehan's district.

Both Ogonowski and Quigley expressed gratitude for Meehan's efforts. "Both Marty and his office have been of tremendous help over the past year," Quigley said. That has helped, she said, in a year full of pain and "the stress of the upcoming anniversary."

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