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[THIRD Edition]
Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.
Subjects: Athletic drafts & trades; Sports agents; Professional baseball -- Boston Red Sox
Author: Edes, Gordon
Date: Jul 19, 2001
Start Page: C.6
Section: Sports
Abstract (Document Summary)

He's also a pretty good catcher. [Kelly Shoppach] hasn't drawn the kind of raves Maurer has, but last month he shook hands with Johnny Bench, the Hall of Fame catcher who presented him with the Johnny Bench award, given to the best college catcher in the country. Shoppach hit .379 for the Bears last season, finishing third in the Big 12 in hitting, and made just one error in 406 chances.

By now, Shoppach was hoping he would have seen the inside of Fenway Park, unlike last year, when he and some other buddies who were playing in the Cape League stumbled upon Fenway Park almost by accident. "I saw the Coke bottle," said Shoppach, who played for Harwich and boarded with Barry and Colleen Springer, "and thought it looked familiar."

More than six weeks after the draft, Shoppach remains at home, working on his dad's powerboat and working out with his high school coach. He said the Red Sox have moved off their original offer just once, and that was a month ago. He said he hasn't heard from Sox scouting director Wayne Britton since. He had to ask for his audience with Britton. Before that, he would ask a question of scout Jim Robinson, who would have to go through Britton before he could get an answer. Sometimes, Shoppach said, that would take a week.

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