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[THIRD Edition]
Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.
Author: Laidler, John
Date: Feb 18, 2001
Start Page: 4
Section: North Weekly
Abstract (Document Summary)

The project, which is being administered by the Corps of Engineers, involves the dredging of parts of the Saugus River and the Saugus portion of Lynn Harbor as it flows into Broad Sound. It will also create two new anchorage areas in the river serving boats from Penny Landing, the town's public launching area for recreational boats, and Lobstermen's Landing, now known as Vitale Park.

As administrator, the Army Corps contracted with a New York firm to undertake the dredging. [Duban Montoya] said that about 64,000 cubic yards are being dredged from the Saugus River, and that 24,000 cubic yards are coming from Lynn Harbor and Broad Sound.

The landfill was built using sand taken from a giant sandpile owned by the state, on the Saugus Marsh. That sand had been intended for a project to extend Interstate 95 through the marsh; the project was abandoned in the 1970s. RESCO made its property available in return for the state and town agreeing to dredge the area in front of intake pipes in the Saugus River. RESCO uses the pipes to draw cooling water for its plant. Easements, meanwhile, had to be negotiated with both RESCO and General Electric because the pipe crosses their properties.

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