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[THIRD Edition]
Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.
Subjects: Animal attacks; Police; City ordinances; Public safety; Animal control; Dogs
Author: Abel, David
Date: Aug 27, 2000
Start Page: B.1
Section: Metro/Region
Abstract (Document Summary)

"I saw him walking the dog, and the dog started jumping at a lady," said one woman who asked not to be named. "The owner tried to restrain the dog, but he just lost control."

Keyana Sylvia, 11, and her sister, Cherise Rahman, 12, were bitten on their legs by the dogs and released Thursday from Boston Medical Center. Another sister, Chantay Sylvia, 18, who was pregnant when she and her sisters were chased onto a car by the dogs, gave birth to a girl a month prematurely.

The two attacks this week were the only serious dog attacks in Boston in four years, since the enactment of a "vicious dog" ordinance under which city officials have impounded more than 400 canines.

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