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[Third Edition]
Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.
Subjects: Television programs; Racism; Hispanic Americans; Television networks; Stereotypes; Image
Author: Jackson, Derrick Z
Date: Sep 24, 1999
Start Page: A.23
Section: Op-Ed Page
Abstract (Document Summary)

Vaporizing black, brown, and yellow folks turned out to be too crude. The NAACP was indignant. The National Council of LaRaza held a "brownout," boycotting the fall premieres. This sent the white whippersnappers back to the editing room.

Publicly the whippersnappers feigned ignorance. "Oh, OK, maybe the shows are a little too white," they said. Actually, when they retreated to the editing room, it was with a cigar and a sneer. After all, these are people who think so highly of themselves they are already crafting their speeches for next year's Emmys. "So the NAACP and LaRaza think they're so smart?" They must have said. "Let's see what they think about this!"

Rosario Salazar is a Salvadoran maid on NBC's "Will and Grace." In an otherwise all-white episode this week, there is a scene where Rosario is obviously moving much too slowly for her wealthy boss, Karen Walker. In the original taping, which was sent out to the media to preview, Karen says to Rosario:

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