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[Third Edition]
Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.
Author: Buell, Richard
Date: May 5, 1999
Start Page: F.3
Section: Living
Abstract (Document Summary)

Occasionally there have been super-challenging Dinosaur Annex concerts where all concerned felt like skipping the reception afterward and heading en masse to the Mass. General ER instead. This wasn't one. The rest tended to light relief, most memorably in Gordon Stout's "Two Mexican Dances for Marimba" (1974), a breakthrough piece in the marimba world for showing just how many lines, colors, tempos, etc. -- that is, lots -- could be coaxed out by a single player who paid close attention. Some of it was frankly unbelievable, the way the piled-up trills in the slow movement of Beethoven's Op. 111 can be. David Macbride's "Shape Notes" and [Nancy Armstrong James Russell Smith]'s "The Presence of Things," a text-friendly setting of love poems by Shelli Jamkowski- Smith, amounted to more than mere makeweight, though, the performances of same evidencing all the true-blue, on-top-of-it, zestful qualities Dinosaur Annex never fails to provide.

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