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Gardner Blue Room's new shades of luxe
[City Edition]
Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.
Subjects: Interior design; Renovation & restoration; Museums; Fabrics
Author: Montgomery, M R
Date: Nov 27, 1998
Start Page: D.9
Section: ARTS & FILM
Abstract (Document Summary)

The walls aren't white, and they aren't that boring blue-and-white vertical stripe that had been up since the 1920s and reminded some viewers of awning material. Five re-created fabrics now cover the walls (including a little bit of new blue-and-white stripe). The effect is outrageous, and it works beautifully. Two extremely complex silk fabrics -- one a feather-and-floral, the other a harvest cornucopia -- dominate, assisted by two damasks and the moire blue- and-white stripe. The two pictorial fabrics, called lampas, were woven to order by a British firm using early 19th-century Jacquard looms.

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