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Smart, gently barbed look at gay narcissist
[City Edition]
Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.
Author: Graham, Renee
Date: Sep 11, 1998
Start Page: D.3
Section: ARTS & FILM
Abstract (Document Summary)

ALL THE RAGE Written and directed by: Roland Tec Starring: John- Michael Lander, David Vincent, Jay Corcoran, Merle Perkins, Peter Bubriski, Jeff Miller, and Paul Outlaw At: Kendall Square Running time: 98 minutes Rated: R (adult situations and language)

Roland Tec's smart, provocative film, "All the Rage" is set in Boston's boy-beautiful South End, but its story could easily unfold in any gay ghetto -- Miami's South Beach, San Francisco's Castro District, or New York's Chelsea. It is a seriocomic look at a specific gay male type -- the too-handsome-for-his-own-good charmer who doles out his affections in measured portions, but can never quite commit. He's not a bad person, but like so many others, he can't see past his own pretty face. With such a man, what you see is what you get; you just won't get it for long.

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