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Hasbro Unit Pays $5m for Atari Arcade Game Rights Plans Include New Versions for Users of PCs, Playstation
Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.
Subjects: Software industry; Computer & video games; Asset acquisitions; Product lines
Author: Reidy, Chris
Date: Mar 17, 1998
Start Page: C.6
Abstract (Document Summary)

In the first big acquisition in its three-year history, Hasbro Interactive Inc. said it has acquired the rights to Atari arcade games and plans to repackage them for playing on personal computers, Sony PlayStations and, ultimately, Nintendo 64s.

JTS Corp., the California company that owned the rights to such Atari games as Centipede, Missile Command, and Pong, announced last week it had completed the sale of its Atari assets to Hasbro Interactive for $5 million in cash.

The acquisition fits into Hasbro Interactive's three-pronged strategy of taking "proven {game} brands with familiar play patterns" and republishing them in a gussied-up form that includes 3-D graphics and other innovations, said Hasbro Interactive president Tom Dusenberry.

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