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[Third Edition]
Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.
Author: Wildman, David
Date: Apr 5, 1998
Start Page: 11
Section: City Weekly
Abstract (Document Summary)

For a well-respected writer/composer/producer who has worked on dance music mixes for people as famous as "Men in Black" star Will Smith, Dow Brain does not exactly have the background of a heavy rap music aficionado.

Brain's journey to rap began when he met engineer Brad Young while doing a recording session as a hired keyboard player at the Back Bay studio Newbury Sound in the early '90s. The two hit it off as a production team, and opened a small studio in the basement of the Grecian Yearning restaurant in Allston, where Young would bring in high-profile clients he had been working with like Danny Wood of New Kids On The Block. This lead to them writing a song for Marky Mark's solo album.

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