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[3 Edition]
Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.
Subjects: Gays & lesbians; Personal profiles; Mormonism; Theater -- Confessions of a Mormon Boy
Author: Muther, Christopher
Date: Apr 26, 2007
Start Page: E.1
Section: Style & Arts
Abstract (Document Summary)

His Boston Conservatory department head was prophetic. [Steven Fales] did face a train wreck, but a train wreck that eventually made for good theater. Now he's back in Boston to star in his one-man show "Confessions of a Mormon Boy," which recounts how Fales found the "perfect Mormon wife" and sired two children before being excommunicated from the church because he is gay.

Fales's bride was Emily Pearson, the daughter of Mormon author Carol Lynn Pearson. The elder Pearson is best known for her 1986 book "Goodbye, I Love You," which tells the story of her marriage to a gay man who eventually left the family to live in San Francisco. Carol Lynn Pearson then cared for her ex-husband when he was dying with AIDS.

With his marriage to Emily, Fales was hoping to re-write this story in the next generation, but with a happy ending. He told his soon-to-be-bride about his feelings, but said he was determined to live a straight, Mormon life. They got married (Fales sang the theme from "Love Story" at the ceremony) and had two children. Despite a seemingly ideal existence, they were quickly miserable.

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