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[THIRD Edition]
Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.
Subjects: Elementary schools; Parents & parenting; School principals; Curricula; Gays & lesbians
Author: James Vaznis and Tracy Jan, Globe Staff
Date: Apr 27, 2006
Start Page: B.1
Section: Metro/Region
Abstract (Document Summary)

Today, two sets of parents plan to file suit in US District Court in Boston against the principal, the superintendent, and other school officials. The suit, according to the parents' attorney, will contend that the school system violated the parents' civil rights because they weren't notified about the books or discussions in class. [Joni Jay] and other school system officials have maintained that the material was about families, not sexuality. Jay supports the school system policy to discuss same-gender couples as part of lessons on diversity.

On April 6, parents [Rob Wirthlin] and Robin Wirthlin met with Jay to protest a second-grade teacher's reading to the class of "King & King," a fairy-tale about two princes falling in love and getting married. Last week, The Parents' Rights Coalition, a Waltham group, issued a press release on behalf of the Wirthlins. Hundreds of people sent e-mails to Jay, many of them out-of-staters who oppose gay rights. Jay said she files away those e-mails in a computer folder labeled "angry letters."

Rob and Robin Wirthlin, the parents who pressed Jay to warn them before their son's second-grade class talked about gay marriage, said they were initially intimidated to meet with Jay but found her to be pleasant, even though she denied their request.

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