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[THIRD Edition]
Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.
Author: Gunderson, Matt
Date: Jan 11, 2004
Start Page: 9
Section: City Weekly
Abstract (Document Summary)

Everyone in the group has a chance to propose ideas about Yoism, as it is called. If ideas get voted in, they become inscribed in the Book of Yo, the movement's core teaching. Major features of the movement include environmentalism, experientially proven beliefs as opposed to mere acceptance of ancients myths and doctrines, and social activism.

[Dan Kriegman]'s decision to start Yoism emerged from a lifelong desire to see a new paradigm for human culture, he explained, going all the way back to his childhood, when, as a young Jewish boy, he became acutely aware of World War II and the threat of Nazism. Later, he studied evolution and, specifically, the warring nature of chimpanzees in the wild. Yoism strives to knock down such competitive divides among groups, or what Kriegman refers to as "coalitional aggressions."

"I think a lot of people [in Yoism] feel the mythologies of religion are out of date," he said. "Yoism is an attempt to harness those deep human needs for spirituality and, at the same time, reconcile the modern person's values of scientific validation and empirical knowledge."

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