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[THIRD Edition]
Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.
Subjects: Service introduction; High speed; Wireless networks; Internet access
Author: Howe, Peter J
Date: Nov 24, 2003
Start Page: F.3
Section: Business
Abstract (Document Summary)

After initially saying it hoped to have as many as 1,000 WiFi- enabled pay phones operating in New York City by year's end, Verizon now expects to have no more than 500 in place, spokesman Jack Hoey said.

Verizon owns about 360,000 pay phones nationally, including 3,500 in Massachusetts, but has said only a small number are likely to be good candidates for offering WiFi, those located in heavily trafficked urban areas or places such as airports and transit stations where people might want to sit and use Net access.

John Yunker, a WiFi industry analyst with Pyramid Research in Cambridge, said he was not surprised that Verizon has pulled back from its initial promises for rolling out WiFi.

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