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Bidding farewell to a man, an era
City Edition
Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.
Subjects: Funerals; Personal profiles
Author: Lehigh, Scot
Date: Mar 4, 1997
Start Page: B.4
Abstract (Document Summary)

It was funeral, reunion, and last hurrah yesterday when South Boston gathered to say goodbye to Edward J. McCormack Jr., one of the most favored of its favorite sons.

McCormack's passing, said University of Massachusetts president William M. Bulger, called to mind "old campaigns and old victories, old defeats, old joys, and a few old sorrows," all now a part of Boston's rich political past.

The most famous figure of the era still serves. Yesterday, Edward M. Kennedy, now the nation's third most senior senator, regaled the crowd with tales of a 1962 battle he fought against McCormack, nephew of House Speaker Edward W. McCormack, to win the Senate seat he has held for 34 years.

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