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Delphi will move to N.Y., Lowell
Boston Globe - Boston, Mass.
Subjects: Software & computer services industry; Human resource planning; Planning
Author: Zitner, Aaron
Date: May 04, 1995
Start Page: 71
Abstract (Document Summary)

Anticipating the launch of its revamped computer on-line service, Delphi Internet Services Corp. said yesterday it would move its headquarters to New York and would relocate most of its 150-worker Cambridge operation to Lowell, where it will hire an additional 600 people. Delphi said it will lease 115,000 square feet in the former Wang Towers in Lowell, now called Cross Point. The 600 new jobs there will be in subscriber services, software development and other technical work. Combined with 150 expected new hires in New York, Delphi will have grown from 200 people to about 1,000 by the time the hiring is complete, a year from now. (excerpt)

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