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Shannen goes to Splitsville, 90210
[City Edition]
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: Bickelhaupt, Susan
Date: Apr 8, 1994
Start Page: 46
Section: LIVING
Abstract (Document Summary)

It was almost too predictable. Actress Shannen Doherty filed for divorce yesterday from her husband, Ashley Hamilton, after a short and reportedly stormy marriage. The two married Sept. 24 and separated on Feb. 23, according to her divorce petition filed in Los Angeles. Doherty, 22, who plays the bratty Brenda Walsh on the "Beverly Hills, 90210" TV show, cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for a divorce. She asked the court that she not be required to pay alimony to Hamilton, who is the son of George Hamilton. It looks like Doherty will have another break-up on her hands when she wraps up taping the TV show this season; she's expected to be written out of the "Beverly Hills" gang.

Roseanne Arnold has done a lot of talking to W magazine about her line of clothes for oversized women, but she'll soon be talking to the courts. CelebSales had planned to show Arnold's line of clothing at a fashion show this Sunday, but Arnold has said no, since she didn't put her stamp of approval on all the clothes. CelebSales goes to court today to see if the Arnold show can go on. In the W interview, which took place before all the legal jousting, Arnold said she decided to design her own line because "the simple clothes don't come in 14, 16 and 18. The little girls can wear Calvin Klein and Donna Karan . . . there's nothing like that for the larger woman."

PHOTO; CAPTION:1. DOHERTY 2. [Tipper Gore] 3. MAKING THE WEST WILD -- Madeleine Stowe, Andie MacDowell, Mary Stuart Masterson and Drew Barrymore star in "Bad Girls," due out later this month. 4. AP PHOTO/AUBREY REUBEN / NO SPRING PARTRIDGE -- Actress Shirley Jones celebrated her 60th birthday yesterday on the set of "The Sally Jessy Raphael Show." With her were her sons, from left: David (her costar on the '70s TV series "The Partridge Family"), Shaun, Patrick and Ryan Cassidy.

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