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Keating a former team player now challenging the system
[City Edition]
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: Scot Lehigh and Frank Phillips, Globe Staff
Date: Oct 26, 1993
Start Page: 24
Abstract (Document Summary)

After eight years in the House, [WILLIAM R. KEATING] arrived in the Senate in 1985, discovered its cloistered atmosphere and immediately fit in. After several years, [William Bulger] thought enough of Keating to appoint him chairman of the Senate Steering and Policy Committee, a post reserved for the most trusted loyalists because the panel controls the flow of legislation.

Because of his relatively low profile on Beacon Hill, Keating's relationship with Bulger was never given much consideration by the media, although Keating says it has deteriorated in recent years.

As part of working within the system, Keating joined other lawmakers at a legislative conference in Puerto Rico. Many of those who attended now face questions about whether they used the junket for vacation and ever actually attended the conference. Keating avoided the controversy by never golfing or dining as guest of the lobbyists and actually attending the conference sessions.

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