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Bowe's training total waist?
[City Edition]
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: Borges, Ron
Date: Oct 3, 1993
Start Page: 52
Section: SPORTS
Abstract (Document Summary)

Thomas Hearns returns to boxing Nov. 6 against former Olympian Andrew Maynard, which seems a fight between the washed-up and a washout. Rumor has it Maynard was added to the card as a "favor" because he's short on cash and it will provide him with a $50,000 payday. There are easier ways for him to make a buck . . . As for Hearns, it will be his first fight since he rejoined his original trainer, Emanuel Steward . . . Heavyweight contender [Michael Moorer], who is [Riddick Bowe]'s next mandatory, fights Mike Evans on HBO Dec. 4 in Atlantic City and will have a new trainer in his corner again after dumping George Benton and Lou Duva. Moorer joined them after dumping Steward. Word is Benton tired of Moorer's continuing refusal to spar during training sessions. When Moorer tried to pull his gloves off one afternoon after one round when he was scheduled for six, Benton walked out. Teddy Atlas, one of the few stand-up guys left in the sport (which is why he isn't rich and won't last long with Moorer), is certainly one of the best trainers, but he did not agree to take over until Duva gave him the go-ahead because Atlas did not want to be a part of cutting out Benton . . . Also on that HBO card is what should be a sensational fight between young featherweight Kevin Kelley and WBC champion Goyo Vargas . . . Darrin Van Horn has pulled out of his Oct. 29 IBF super middleweight title fight with champion James Toney, claiming a bad shoulder. Sadly, word around boxing says his real problem has been near-constant headaches that recently forced him to stay in a darkened room for days at a time. The Van Horn camp denies this, but one fight figure who has been around him recently said, "It would be child abuse for his father to put him back in the ring. When I was with him, he knew me and why I was there, but every 15 or 20 minutes he'd ask, `Why are you guys here?' It's pretty sad."

The apparent plan is for Gonzalez to fight [Ray Mercer] underneath Bowe-Moorer if Mercer gets by Jesse Ferguson Nov. 19. Then next June, Bowe would fight the Mercer-Gonzalez winner, thus putting off any Bowe-[Lennox Lewis] fight until late fall 1994, at best. [Rock Newman] is also floating the idea of taking at least some of those Bowe defenses to Tokyo or Zimbabwe in an attempt to make Bowe an international star.

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