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Gregg leads in N.H.; Merrill is a winner
[City Edition]
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: Kiernan, Laura A
Date: Nov 4, 1992
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[Judd Gregg], a former four-term congressman, steered his campaign directly at [John Rauh] from the beginning, portraying him as a liberal Democrat who would join the "tax-and-spend crowd" in Washington. On the economy, Gregg argued that with Yankee common sense and frugality, he had helped the state weather the deep recession and even left it with a $21 million surplus as he headed out of office.

Gregg charged -- with backing from [Warren Rudman] -- that Rauh's proposal to cut defense spending by 50 percent over five years would devastate defense-related industries in New Hampshire and close Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Gregg also said Rauh would be too slow in helping to eliminate the federal deficit.

In what many Democrats considered a risky strategy, Rauh eschewed harsh responses to Gregg's often tough attacks. Instead, Rauh condemned what he called his opponent's "revolting" campaign tactics -- especially when Gregg, on statewide television, challenged Rauh's resume without checking it, and then matter-of-factly apologized the next day.

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