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A candidate who shuns the N.H. pledge
[City Edition]
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: Nyhan, David
Date: Jun 9, 1992
Start Page: 21
Section: OP-ED
Abstract (Document Summary)

New Hampshire may not be ready for [Deborah Arnie Arnesen]. Not to worry. She's ready. Is she ever. She's a liberal running as a hard-headed fiscal discipliner. Head-on, she's confronting the antitax phobia that has turned New Hampshire into a chiseling, needy state that protects its rich at the expense of its poor.

She conveys conviction: New Hampshire voters might as well elect her this year, because if they don't do it this time, they will the next, or the time after that. This lady is going to be governor of New Hampshire, once the solid citizenry get around to figuring out just what ails them.

Taking "The Pledge" to disavow any broad-based income or sales tax in cranky old New Hampshire is a Granite State ritual. Not for her. "You don't talk about `taxes,' you talk about keeping the house, keeping the job . . . New Hampshire is hurting so bad, it actually needs government" to do more than paint bridges and plow highways.

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