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In defense of democracy In Boston, exiled Haitian president urges support for nation
[City Edition]
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: Diego Ribadeneira, Globe Staff and Luz Delgado , Contributing Reporter
Date: Apr 30, 1992
Start Page: 27
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"There is history here in Boston of a revolution that made America," said Councilor Anthony Crayton, who was one of five councilors attending the ceremony to honor [Jean-Bertrand Aristide]. "Jean-Bertrand Aristide represents one of the best revolutions that has occurred in the Western Hemisphere. The job is not yet finished. He has the job of restoring democracy to Haiti, and we have to support him in that effort."

"The roots of the Haitian community, the roots of the Latin Americans, the roots of the Americans, the roots of the African-Americans . . . have found the strength of unity, the strength of solidarity, the strength of love to create a strong world because we are strong," Aristide said in Spanish.

PHOTO; CAPTION:Two Boston city councilors, Anthony Crayton (left) and Charles C. Yancey, flank Jean-Bertrand Aristide during the deposed Haitian president's visit yesterday to City Hall. It was one stop on a full day of events honoring Aristide. GLOBE STAFF PHOTO / BARRY CHIN

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