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Olver takes House seat After schedule snafu, freshman looks to future of 1st District
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: Mashek, John W
Date: Jun 19, 1991
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As it turned out, [John Olver] was not to blame. It was a home state photographer who had the all-Democratic Massachusetts delegation out on the Capitol steps for an extended picture session. Olver blushed later about the episode, but he had a perfect alibi: Rep. J. Joseph Moakley.

[Bob Michel] and [Silvio O. Conte], a much-admired GOP member, were close friends and Olver was careful to be nonpartisan in his remarks, declaring that "I can't fill Sil Conte's very large shoes, but I will follow in his footsteps." Moakley introduced Olver to the House, calling him a man of "character, warmth and inherent decency."

PHOTO; CAPTION:1. JOHN OLVER / Congress' newest member 2. GLOBE STAFF PHOTO/BILL BRETT / PARTY PORTRAIT -- Rep. J. Joseph Moakley (left center), dean of the Massachusetts House delegation, greets newcomer John Olver as the all-Democratic group -- (from left) Barney Frank, Joseph D. Early, Chester G. Atkins, Moakley, Nicholas Mavroules, Brian J. Donnelly, Olver, Richard Neal, Joseph P. Kennedy 2d, Gerry E. Studds and Edward J. Markey -- gathered yesterday on the Capitol steps. Olver's swearing-in ceremony completed the state's first one-party delegation since 1872, when Republicans held the reins. Page 3.

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