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[FOURTH Edition]
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: McGrory, Brian
Date: Nov 7, 1990
Start Page: 27
Section: METRO
Abstract (Document Summary)

The incumbent Democratic hit-list included Sens. Arthur Joseph Lewis of Boston, Thomas White of Worcester, Paul J. Sheehy of Lowell and Theodore J. Aleixo Jr. of Taunton.

Republican Jane Maria Swift, a 25-year-old aide to retiring Republican Sen. Peter Webber of Pittsfield, appeared poised for victory against veteran Democratic Rep. Sherwood Guernsey. "There was definitely a sentiment for change, and that affected the situation," said [Robert Hedlund], a conservative who supported the tax rollback initiative.

Throughout the campaign, Republican Senate candidates across the state made [William Bulger] an issue in virtually every race, portraying him as a dictator and using him as a symbol of the drawbacks of one-party dominance. Last week, two hired planes toured the Eastern part of the state with banners reading, "Bulger's ripe. It is time to go. Vote GOP State Senate."

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