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[THIRD Edition]
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: McNamara, Eileen
Date: Sep 6, 1989
Start Page: 1
Section: METRO
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David LaPlante, administrator of the 65-bed general hospital in Brighton, yesterday contradicted [Howard J. Silverman]'s assertion that he is still affiliated with Hahnemann. "I suspended his privileges on June 3, 1988, and he has not been reinstated," LaPlante said, adding that Silverman was dropped for "failing to submit the necessary information to keep his privileges current."

Glenda Barkin, a spokeswoman for Repro, said Silverman was probably not aware that his privileges had lapsed at Hahnemann and that physicians who work part-time for Repro have privileges at Brigham and Women's Hospital and cover for him in emergencies.

The state Department of Public Health requires abortion clinics to have a written agreement with a hospital and an ambulance service for emergencies. But because Repro is legally organized not as a clinic but as a doctor's office, it is exempt from those regulations, even though the Brookline facility and the New Bedford and Hyannis satellites account for approximately 10,000 of the estimated 38,000 abortions in Massachusetts each year.

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