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[THIRD Edition]
Boston Globe (pre-1997 Fulltext) - Boston, Mass.
Author: McLean, Robert A
Date: Sep 18, 1987
Start Page: 68
Section: LIVING
Abstract (Document Summary)

[JERRY WILLIAMS] will be the first locally televised talkmaster on a Fox station, although reporter/commentator Maury Povich and his "Current Affair" series, aired by many Fox network outlets, is seen in Boston on Channel 25 weeknights at 7:30 p.m.

The new Williams show also will follow the Fox network Sunday night prime- time schedule, a strong lead-in factor that delights his TV series producer and WRKO-AM radio colleague Jack Roberts. Roberts, a WRKO senior producer ("The Ted and Janet Show" weekday mornings), was the creator and prime mover for the Williams series. He and Williams produced a pilot show last month, which was a major factor in approval by Fox brass.

Williams' 30-year-plus broadcast career has included talk series at Boston's old WMEX (and later WITS) radio, WBZ and now WRKO. He replaced Bob Kennedy on the old Channel 4 "Contact" morning series in 1968, returning from Chicago as Kennedy left for the Windy City. Aside from the Chicago TV stint and three years as operations manager for Philadelphia and Miami radio stations, Williams has been an on-air radio personality.

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